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Crowd of peopleFour Flags Area Credit Union (FFACU) is a member-owned credit union focused on delivering specialized service and fostering our mission of "Member Owned, Member Friendly".

We will continually strive to provide friendly member service while working to assist members in their social and economic goals. We endeavor to offer members low loan rates, higher dividend rates, low service fees, and products and services that help to improve their standard of living.

We, the staff and official family of Four Flags Area Credit Union, now and in the future, commit ourselves to improving products and services for members, while treating them with respect and dignity. Though we are constantly evolving, the personable, friendly member service we have with FFACU members will remain in the forefront.

We will communicate our services to members in a meaningful way so that current members, potential members, legislators, regulators, and the community at large will understand and appreciate the unique role that our member-owned financial cooperative plays in our members’ lives.

Through our yearly planning we will put forth every effort to continue to offer and stay on the forefront of new products and services that will enable members to become financially self-sufficient and successful. We will, through good business practices, ensure the financial strength of our credit union on behalf of its members.

Who’s eligible to join FFACU?

A. Relative of a current Member.
B. Pensioners of Tyler Refrigeration or Stanley Knight Corp.

C. Employees of: Wal-Mart, Robert's Service, Tyler Automotive, Sunset Liquor Store, and Innovative Machining Corp.

If your company does not offer FFACU membership and you'd like to offer this no-cost benefit for the employees of your company please contact us at (269)684-6512 or email us at fourflagsacu@sbcglobal.net.

About US