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As a member of Four Flags Area Credit Union (FFACU), you have access to affordable financial products including a variety of saving and investment programs, low cost loans, checking accounts, and easy access to your funds with ATM/POS cards.

Share/Savings Accounts

The first step to membership is a minimum deposit of only $5.00. Once you have established this account you are eligible to apply for any service provided by FFACU. As a FFACU Member, your family can also become members and enjoy the many benefits of credit union membership.

Draft/Checking Accounts

Our draft/checking account is one of the best examples of credit union value.

  • UNLIMITED check writing
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Monthly recurring bills can be debited from your checking account
  • Mastercard/Debit card - 1st debit card - no charge

A duplicate check design is available, which gives you a copy of every check you write for easy record keeping.
Choose from a wide assortment of check designs and styles to suit your budget and taste. Your first 50 checks are only $5.00.

Funds Management Accounts

A higher earnings saving account. A minimum balance of $2,000 is required to earn dividends on this account.

Vacation Club Accounts

An account designed to be used for any of your specific savings needs.

Christmas Club Accounts

This account will help you save for that special time of year. Funds from this account are distributed at the beginning of October.

IRA Accounts

No matter what your age, now is the time to start planning your financial future. Individual Retirement Accounts provide a means of saving for your retirement.
IRA Certificate of Deposits are also available. Minimum deposit requirements and early withdrawl penalties apply.

Certificate of Deposits

FFACU offers a 6, 12, and 24 month Certificate of Deposit. Minimum deposit requirements and early withdrawal penalties apply.


Providing you with low-cost loan options is just the way we serve you better. Whatever your borrowing needs you will find our rates and terms very competitive and there is never a prepayment penalty for early payoff.
Interest on all loans is calculated using the simple interest method. By using this method you are only charged interest on the loan for the exact length of time you have the loan.

Types of Loans

  • New & Used Auto
  • Motorcycles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Revolving Credit
  • Share Secured
  • Personal/Unsecured
  • Home Equity
  • Smart Money Loans (a payday loan alternative)